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on remittance — and sending money and packages without the worries May 18, 2010

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imagine this: you are working abroad (as a nurse, or an engineer doing projects in the middle east).. after months of working, you finally get your well-deserved earnings — which is quite big compared to the basic salary rate in your country.. you decide to send half of the amount to your family back home — your younger brother needs the money for his tuition fees, you plan to have the house renovated as soon as possible.. how do you do it? this is where the remittance industry comes in..

our neighbor is currently a caregiver in California and since the previous year that he has been there, he attests that the said kind of business proves to be a big help for the shipment of balikbayan boxes and packages to the Philippines.. by paying only affordable rates, trusted companies can give him the assurance that whatever he intends to send will arrive at its destination — his family.. (this is a good thing, if you might be wondering, since there have been many cases of lost packages, or receivers getting deliveries with incomplete items — they have been stolen).. hence, for most OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), this could be something you really need to consider..

to take the subject a notch higher, i have discovered a website that not only takes care of shipping delivery boxes but also handles money remittance as well.. aside from sending clothes and imported grocery items back home, one can also send cash — plus, there is no room for worry since the amounts you remit can be claimed by your family to reputable banks in the country such as Metro Bank, Banco De Oro (BDO), Philippine National Bank and RCBC.. rest assured, the money you have been saving for will reach the receivers immediately (and without fear of any lost amounts).. the other good thing about the site i came across is that they provide a very comprehensive list of what they can offer — from products and services to branch locations to online remittance.. you can check each one of them right at the convenience of your own apartment!

well, the benefits of information technology combined with a reliable company, i would say.. i better email my neighbor in a short while (to give him the website address).. you too, tell your relatives working abroad about the great news..


up for some insurance matters.. March 19, 2009

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i’m officially back again to the blogosphere.. [thanks to the slowly diminishing school stuff and academic requirements].. nyahaha.. well buddies, in case you have noticed, i have been up to insurance matters over the past few weeks — just got really interested in the subject, if you ask me.. as you probably know, we have no control over time and circumstances — and we don’t have the slightest idea as to what could possibly happen to us in the next few minutes or so.. disasters are simply lurking in the corner, waiting to pounce on its victims..

people die, people acquire severe types of diseases, people get involve in road accidents, people can immediately lose their shelters when a fire happens to take place.. every minute, there are thousands of people around the globe experiencing the said things — and the next minute, it could be you, or it could be me.. while we cannot exactly prevent these calamities to occur, we have the power to prepare ourselves — and that’s the good thing..

we can look for trusted insurance companies and sign in for a partnership.. as you can see, perhaps the biggest hurdle that one has to surpass in times of accidents is on how to shoulder the expenses — which is where insurance firms come in.. they make the load a lot lighter since you can actually receive compensations which will ultimately help you in starting over.. so you can face unexpected crisis without the added fear of being broke..

because life has tons of good things to offer..


without the hassles.. March 19, 2009

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it’s been a little over 4 months since my grandfather passed away — and i could still recall all the difficulties that we had to undergo, both emotionally and financially.. he was already 90 plus and for a few weeks preceding his death, his health gradually got worst, prompting him to stay in his bed all the while.. so we somehow anticipated it — we were not actually prepared with the expenses though.. and for some time, we had to go on with a really tight budget to make ends meet.. luckily, my uncle had signed up for a life insurance and it turned out to be a relatively big help for our clan — we were able to provide my grandfather with a nice lot in a private (not to mention expensive) memorial park..

thank goodness to insurance companies.. were it not for these kinds of businesses, we would have to shoulder every precious cent when accidents and tragedies occur — and that would be such a hard task.. the downside is, it can also be rather difficult to pay all the insurance premiums.. this is why we have to look for good companies which offer their customers a range of affordable insurance quotes..

since we can now do everything in front of our computer screens with the advent of technology, insurance companies have also gone techie to reach out to the public and provide them with exemplary service minus the hassles — now, we don’t have to phone in various offices or go from one insurance firm to another just to compare the types of coverage they have.. life definitely got a lot easier.. whether we want to sign in for life, auto, or home insurance, we would just have to go to a certain site and then we’re done.. but of course, we would not want to invest our savings with companies we could not be sure of.. first thing is to always go to a trusted insurance company — in fact, there is a particular site which is really helpful since they have already formed partnerships with various insurance companies, so if ever you want to file up for an insurance, they will match you with the company located near your residence.. plus, the insurance premiums you have to pay will ultimately suit your financial capabilities..


the best way to shed off excess pounds.. March 16, 2009

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admit it — we (especially the girls) are really conscious about our bodies that oftentimes we end up ignoring that plateful of creamy black forest cake or that big, big box of milk chocolates in the fridge and spend crucial weeks on a diet of fruits and veggies.. [gulp].. luckily for me (although i do think that it’s not actually such a good thing), i DO NOT get fat.. yeah, you got that right.. i am a real foodie at heart and well, i just eat lots and lots (and lots) of food — my mantra, gobble gobble munch munch.. but no matter how much carbohydrate intake i have, i always manage to remain thin — not really reed thin but hmm, thin enough to make people think that i am malnourished or anorexic.. blame it on genetics and heredity..

but the positive side of the coin is well, i can eat anything i want (junk foods, rice, cookies, pizza, barbecue and all) without actually having to worry about how to shed the excess pounds.. but i can symphatize with buddies out there who due to their weight, have lost their confidence — they feel that they won’t ever have the chance of slipping their bodies into those sexy, slinky two-piece swimsuits (and summer is coming fast) or that their crushes will never throw them the second glances that they so deserve — or worse, and the most stressing thing: they will be more prone to severe disorders with their being fat (or obese, at that)..

thankfully, science has paved the way in helping people shed weight (and fast) by coming up with diet pills that work well in eliminating accumulated fats.. a close friend of mine has discovered a brand of diet pills that really keep up to their promises — well, he is not that fat but then, he has been bothered with the way he looks with his body.. so there, he cut his rice intake into a cup per meal and bought fruit juices containing L-carnitine which is also a slimming agent but after a few weeks, he gave up.. he simply can’t do all the hard work necessary in losing several pounds.. luckily, while surfing the net, he came across a really helpful site featuring top diet pills which are proven effective and free from side effects since they are made from natural herbs (you not only look sexy, you look healthy too) — plus, they also have diet pills reviews to guide the customers..

so when time comes when i finally acquire a lot of weight, i already know where to go..


online auto insurance.. February 27, 2009

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prevention is better than cure — preparedness is better than hope..

bad news:

one of my buddies got involved in a car accident just the other night — the result: his less-than-a-year-old compact car got badly damaged.. and now, he has a hard time looking for ample means to get his vehicle repaired..

the other bad news: the car was not insured.. tsk tsk.. *sigh*

in my previous blog posts, i have written an entry regarding insurance.. and now, well, let’s just make this full-blown (only this time, i’ll take a step further and talk about car insurance in general).. the benefits of insurance, again, is that it protects us against the many dangers to life and property.. and i tell you, since we are not actually aware of what could possibly happen in the next few hours (who knows, we could get our house burned down to ashes and everything), it is only appropriate that we take into considerations having our properties insured.. that way, in case of accidents, we can get compensations from the insurance company to get us started again..

now, about auto insurance: we may not really know it but this type of insurance is very much beneficial to us considering the fact that with every passing minute, there are thousands of cases of vehicular accidents around the globe.. chances are, if we got ourselves involved in these accidents and we have not insured our cars, then we will have to shoulder all the expenses that has to be paid due to the damage done..

whereas if we decide on insuring our vehicles early on, then we wouldn’t have to worry too much since we can actually get benefits from the auto insurance company — no hassles, really..

that’s the good thing about car insurance — and you know what’s another good thing? well, there is actually a thing as online auto insurance.. really.. i’m not kidding.. you just surf the net, find the site, and well, that’s already it.. you can instantly compare auto insurance rates from a variety of top rated companies without going through the tedious task of visiting individual websites — you can easily find cheap prices for insurance coverage..

well, guys — just a friendly little note.. think of insuring your cars early on for a worry and hassle free lifestyle..


no more secrets under your shoes — just those happy feet.. January 7, 2009

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being a little too preoccupied with our individual lives, do we even remember to take some time pampering the most abused part of our bodies — the feet? well, a few of us do manage to have foot spa sessions at least once a month (but, but, what do we do with our nails?)..

in case you have not the slightest idea regarding nail problems, guess it’s high time you start checking your toes regularly — if not, you might just end up having the shock attack after finding out that you actually have nail fungus.. fungal infection of the nails (commonly known as onychomycosis) constitutes about a half of all nail abnormalities (a serious case alright).. caused by tiny organisms thriving in wet areas or humid places, the protein protecting our nails will eventually be destroyed leading to the spread of the bacteria..

tsk tsk.. having nail fungus is really one heck of a problem — don’t tell me you will forever hide your feet inside your shoes just to prevent others from seeing your unsightly nails? and how in the world can you slip your feet on those cool summer slippers or those classy open-toed pumps?

but hey, if you happen to be among those with the nail problem secret, there’s no more reason now to fret (you can actually say goodbye to those bad nail fungi in just a short matter of time).. with advances in the field of medicine, nail fungus treatments come in a whole range of packages but perhaps the most important questions would be, how effective are they? and how fast can they eliminate the foot problem?

luckily, there is one site in the net for quality (and i mean quality) nail and toe fungus treatments.. aside from the fact that you can easily purchase the featured products, the said site tackles all the information you need to know regarding onychomycosis — from the causes to the symptoms to the proper treatment.. yey! now, we can kick off the start of the year dancing and tapping with our officially happy feet.. do check out the site buddies (it’s very helpful)..

2012: doomsday=end of the world=end of the human race December 3, 2008

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just recently, i came across these videos tackling about the so-called end of the world believed to take place on december 21, 2012 (which actually stemmed from the prophecies spoken about by the mayan civilization).. better watch these, buddies:

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no one knows for sure if the mayan predictions would indeed happen but clearly, the prophecies made by the ancient civilization is making a big fuss nowadays since 2012 is just a few years away.. but then again, we can never tell — only GOD knows.. perhaps, the signal of the end of human race is parallel to what is in the Holy Bible (see book of Revelations) regarding the second coming of Christ..