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shoes-aholic strikes again.. April 12, 2009

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shoes.. shoes.. shoes..


to be entirely honest, i really am addicted to footwear — may they be sneakers (chuck taylors to be specific), the chic girly stuff (cute ballet flats and mary janes), or the more athletic types.. hah.. just couldn’t get enough of them that if it so happened that i would have unlimited cash, i would splurge a really big percentage of it on shoes.. wakoko.. wishful thinking.. *sigh*

still, for those shoes-aholics out there like me, there’s quite a lot to be thankful for you know.. enough about worrying as to how to make ends meet — you can actually purchase a lot of footwear with excellent quality (and chic elegance to boot) at affordable prices.. plus   — and this is really another good thing — you can do your shopping right at the convenience of your own homes..  why, shopping through the net has been the next big thing (or perhaps even better) to raiding the malls.. for practicality’s sake, i now regularly surf sites and buy loads of different stuff through the world wide web — it’s minus the hassle you know.. i wouldn’t need to spend a couple more bucks on jeepney fares and i get to discover interesting finds that you could rarely see at the malls..

for my usual dose of shoe shopping, i recently came across a rather interesting site that sells almost all kinds of stuff (from clothes to jewelries to literary materials to toys — just about everything).. and they have all kinds of footwear — yey! from running shoes (or basketball shoes or whatever) to rainy day necessities (boots) to the more elegant ones you would want to wear on those important occasions in life (they have wedding shoes, my gosh).. from the variety of footwear i found at the site during my previous visits, well, there are just so many of them that i actually did not know what to choose.. it’s because it is connected to many other shopping sites around the globe — just like google, it provides an endless range of stores so you are sure to find whatever you are looking for..

[the next time i receive my money on paypal, i really am going to buy one of their products].. i can’t wait..


shopping spree galore.. January 9, 2009

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well.. i must admit i am but one of the millions of girls out there who can’t seem to get enough of the shopping fever.. the question is, who doesn’t want shopping anyway? perhaps for guys, the said thing is considered as an obligation — or sometimes just one of our many needs (they go shopping since they have to buy something they need).. girls on the other hand don’t perceive it as if it is simply a task that has to be done (we don’t get tired scouring various shops for hours and hours in the lookout for great finds).. rather, we find it a really pleasant activity to unwind and de-stress.. and of course, a good reason to update our wardrobe and bring nice little new products back home..

with the advent of the computer era, it seems as though everything we ever need are made accessible with the use of the net.. we contact old buddies from old schools, we meet and greet with various kinds of people, we do our research projects, we check out current news — all in the net actually.. and well, what else do we have? of course, we can now do our shopping at home.. yeah, you got it right buddies.. the good thing is, we only have to sit in front of our computer screens (but we are really already hopping from one shop to another) and then we can purchase various quality finds.. just a few days ago, i came across this particular site that luckily offers the shopper practically everything (it’s everything really!) ranging from accessories to clothes to electronics to health and beauty to kitchen appliances to toys — even wedding essentials..

with online shopping, you don’t really need to go through the hassles of travelling to the malls and spending precious hours looking for the things you have to purchase (especially when the site you are visiting can give you every available store featured in the net by crawling like google).. this means that you can actually compare and check products from various stores without having to go there personally.. thus, saving loads of time, effort, and money.. so, so, what do we say to this? let’s shop and shop and shop ’till we drop.. *grins*

in the game of the name.. December 18, 2008

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words — well, sometimes you can’t really be too serious with them..

just to have some little thoughts to ponder upon (and maybe to give a few laughs in between), i have managed to collect some really interesting phrases — from business establishments trying out rather unique and even quirky names to stand out in the crowd up to the trying hard manufacturers imitating the names of well-known brands.. guess it’s time to examine the etymology of names..

  1. harry cutter — name of a certain barber shop along matina crossing (from harry potter)
  2. mary d’ potter — local comedy sitcom with hints of magic and fantasy (from harry potter also)
  3. lord of the wings — really creative name for a chicken stand (lord of the rings, obviously)
  4. lord of pranings — print on a shirt.. roughly translated in english, “pranings” means “paranoid”.. thus, lord of paranoids.. (lord of the rings again)
  5. hayaianas, havananas, and hawaianas — cheap imitations of the famous flip flop brand, havaianas..
  6. odidos — name of a backpack (pathetic copy of the trademark “adidas”)
  7. abibas — baby sneakers (another pathetic copy of “adidas”)
  8. ipood — shirt print, complete with the silhouette of a lady sitting on a toilet bowl (from ipod)
  9. banana cue — another cheap imitation of the flip flop brand, banana peel.. “banana cue” is a snack treat of deep-fried bananas glazed with sugar..
  10. jfc — a chicken house (sounds like the fastfood chain “kfc”)
  11. kini rogers — also a chicken house (localized “kenny roger’s roasters”)
  12. samsong — a somewhat funny imitation of the cellphone samsung omnia..
  13. chikadora the exploiter — a segment on a local late night sitcom (from dora the explorer)
  14. spanish bob — another segment from the said comedy sitcom (spongebob)
  15. pake mo — print on a shirt.. “in english, none of your business”.. (made to have the trademark font of pokemon)
  16. martyr nyebera — a song by kamikazee.. (from local singer martin nievera of course..

and, uh, you got that right — the title was supposed to be the other way around.. like, “in the name of the game”..


after kyohei, comes prince lelouch.. November 21, 2008

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after the unexpected end of yamato nadeshiko shichi henge (which, for some time now, put me into depression mode), i was somehow delighted to find out that there’s this another cool anime series on TV 5 entitled “code geass: lelouch of the rebellion”.. yey!

here’s the gist buddies (spoiler alert):

on august 10, 2010, a.t.b. (the imperial calendar, roughly 1955 AD), the holy empire of britannia overpowered japanese forces and conquered the country with their new robotic weapons, the “knightmare frames” (somewhat funny), in less than a month. in the aftermath of britannia’s invasion, japan lost its freedom, its rights, and even its name, becoming area 11 of the britannian empire. the japanese people, renamed as “elevens”, are forced to survive in poor neighborhoods, while britannians live in first-class settlements. rebel elements persist, however, as pockets of japanese organizations struggle against the empire for the independence of japan.

after his father, the emperor of britannia, failed to prevent the assassination of his mother, an attack which also left his sister blind and crippled, the young prince lelouch (pronounced as “lelush”) vowed to destroy britannia. seven years later, he accidentally becomes mixed up with “terrorists” in area 11 and encounters a mysterious girl named CC, who gives him the power of geass. with it, he finally has the power that he needs to defeat britannia and fulfill his two wishes: to seek revenge for his mother and to construct a world in which his beloved sister nunnally can live happily.

i’m just looking forward to the upcoming episodes.. ah, anime love..

PS: by the way, the said series airs on weekdays, 730 pm.. watchitwatchitwatchit.. wakoko..

goodbye without me knowing.. November 19, 2008

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why does it have to be this way? you, you — kyohei, yuki, takenaga, ranmaru, and, and, sunako — grrr..

[what great way to start this entry] T_T

okayy, i must admit that it has been such a big blow for me to have missed the somewhat unexpected final episode of yamato nadeshiko shichi henge.. [TV 5, you could have at least warned me you know..]

or maybe the next episodes are still in the making? [those who read the manga version, answer me!]

so perhaps you’re wondering why i’m into this drama mode over a mere anime [at least, for those who do not have the slightest idea on what the said show is all about], just read on:

yamato nadeshiko revolves around sunako nakahara [a somewhat, no, i mean totally weird girl whose main interests consist of: horror and bloody movies, scary and disturbing works of art, haunted villas, human anatomy models, skeletons, and unidentified objects in transparent glasses] and the 4 drop-dead gorgeous boys [kyohei, yuki, takenaga, and ranmaru] who are faced with the rather difficult task of turning the hopeless sunako into an elegant young lady in exchange of their staying in a grand mansion for free.. from there on, the frigging funny events unfold..

so.. so.. aaargh!!!

lord high banana of the dense and the existential milkmaid from nowhere November 17, 2008

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(plus 40 other cool stuff i learned from jessica zafra’s 1st edition of TWISTED):

mook wussy cretin frigging sleazoid weenie

dumbo godawful swinish harrumph scummy

snazzy muck bludgeon wimp crud whatnot

potty-mouth prudishness tart gofer kibitzer

decrepit rancid shenanigans stupendous

blimp dork kaput dummy klutz boinking

schmoozing flogging pestilential hirsute

crapola freakazoid grungy drivelling

note: i am still on the brink of finding out the meanings of the said words but judging from the way they are employed in sentences, 99.9 percent of them seems to have positive connotations (that is, if you have a sense of irony).. wahaha.. but one thing’s for sure though, jessica zafra is one cool — uhm, how shall i put this? one cool frigging witty writer..

[dotA] November 17, 2008

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up to this point (while writing this entry), i still can’t exactly figure out what keeps guys totally obsessed with the said computer game.. well, i mean, just because they get some kind of unidentified rush while battling with other players, they are more than willing to shell out those precious bucks down the drain.. i really don’t know but is dotA worth it all? imagine spending what would have been alloted for daily expenses in the net cafe for long hours of staring endlessly at the flickering monitors (talk about zombie mode, plus, beware of eye ailments that might nag you later) — aside from putting all that cash for unnecessary needs, chances are, schoolboys often result to neglecting their academics (which is at the 1st place, the very reason why your parents sent you to study)..

nyahaha (evil laugh).. am i boring you into a somewhat endless litany over that dotA thing? well, okayy, i guess i’ll just have to stop.. and oh, by the way, the reason why i’m typing this post — bubu (21-year-old bubu) is preoccupied with downloading what he terms as the “latest dotA maps AI plus +”.. and he just doesn’t seem to stop.. T_T