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on remittance — and sending money and packages without the worries May 18, 2010

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imagine this: you are working abroad (as a nurse, or an engineer doing projects in the middle east).. after months of working, you finally get your well-deserved earnings — which is quite big compared to the basic salary rate in your country.. you decide to send half of the amount to your family back home — your younger brother needs the money for his tuition fees, you plan to have the house renovated as soon as possible.. how do you do it? this is where the remittance industry comes in..

our neighbor is currently a caregiver in California and since the previous year that he has been there, he attests that the said kind of business proves to be a big help for the shipment of balikbayan boxes and packages to the Philippines.. by paying only affordable rates, trusted companies can give him the assurance that whatever he intends to send will arrive at its destination — his family.. (this is a good thing, if you might be wondering, since there have been many cases of lost packages, or receivers getting deliveries with incomplete items — they have been stolen).. hence, for most OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), this could be something you really need to consider..

to take the subject a notch higher, i have discovered a website that not only takes care of shipping delivery boxes but also handles money remittance as well.. aside from sending clothes and imported grocery items back home, one can also send cash — plus, there is no room for worry since the amounts you remit can be claimed by your family to reputable banks in the country such as Metro Bank, Banco De Oro (BDO), Philippine National Bank and RCBC.. rest assured, the money you have been saving for will reach the receivers immediately (and without fear of any lost amounts).. the other good thing about the site i came across is that they provide a very comprehensive list of what they can offer — from products and services to branch locations to online remittance.. you can check each one of them right at the convenience of your own apartment!

well, the benefits of information technology combined with a reliable company, i would say.. i better email my neighbor in a short while (to give him the website address).. you too, tell your relatives working abroad about the great news..


shoes-aholic strikes again.. April 12, 2009

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shoes.. shoes.. shoes..


to be entirely honest, i really am addicted to footwear — may they be sneakers (chuck taylors to be specific), the chic girly stuff (cute ballet flats and mary janes), or the more athletic types.. hah.. just couldn’t get enough of them that if it so happened that i would have unlimited cash, i would splurge a really big percentage of it on shoes.. wakoko.. wishful thinking.. *sigh*

still, for those shoes-aholics out there like me, there’s quite a lot to be thankful for you know.. enough about worrying as to how to make ends meet — you can actually purchase a lot of footwear with excellent quality (and chic elegance to boot) at affordable prices.. plus   — and this is really another good thing — you can do your shopping right at the convenience of your own homes..  why, shopping through the net has been the next big thing (or perhaps even better) to raiding the malls.. for practicality’s sake, i now regularly surf sites and buy loads of different stuff through the world wide web — it’s minus the hassle you know.. i wouldn’t need to spend a couple more bucks on jeepney fares and i get to discover interesting finds that you could rarely see at the malls..

for my usual dose of shoe shopping, i recently came across a rather interesting site that sells almost all kinds of stuff (from clothes to jewelries to literary materials to toys — just about everything).. and they have all kinds of footwear — yey! from running shoes (or basketball shoes or whatever) to rainy day necessities (boots) to the more elegant ones you would want to wear on those important occasions in life (they have wedding shoes, my gosh).. from the variety of footwear i found at the site during my previous visits, well, there are just so many of them that i actually did not know what to choose.. it’s because it is connected to many other shopping sites around the globe — just like google, it provides an endless range of stores so you are sure to find whatever you are looking for..

[the next time i receive my money on paypal, i really am going to buy one of their products].. i can’t wait..


online auto insurance.. February 27, 2009

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prevention is better than cure — preparedness is better than hope..

bad news:

one of my buddies got involved in a car accident just the other night — the result: his less-than-a-year-old compact car got badly damaged.. and now, he has a hard time looking for ample means to get his vehicle repaired..

the other bad news: the car was not insured.. tsk tsk.. *sigh*

in my previous blog posts, i have written an entry regarding insurance.. and now, well, let’s just make this full-blown (only this time, i’ll take a step further and talk about car insurance in general).. the benefits of insurance, again, is that it protects us against the many dangers to life and property.. and i tell you, since we are not actually aware of what could possibly happen in the next few hours (who knows, we could get our house burned down to ashes and everything), it is only appropriate that we take into considerations having our properties insured.. that way, in case of accidents, we can get compensations from the insurance company to get us started again..

now, about auto insurance: we may not really know it but this type of insurance is very much beneficial to us considering the fact that with every passing minute, there are thousands of cases of vehicular accidents around the globe.. chances are, if we got ourselves involved in these accidents and we have not insured our cars, then we will have to shoulder all the expenses that has to be paid due to the damage done..

whereas if we decide on insuring our vehicles early on, then we wouldn’t have to worry too much since we can actually get benefits from the auto insurance company — no hassles, really..

that’s the good thing about car insurance — and you know what’s another good thing? well, there is actually a thing as online auto insurance.. really.. i’m not kidding.. you just surf the net, find the site, and well, that’s already it.. you can instantly compare auto insurance rates from a variety of top rated companies without going through the tedious task of visiting individual websites — you can easily find cheap prices for insurance coverage..

well, guys — just a friendly little note.. think of insuring your cars early on for a worry and hassle free lifestyle..


shopping spree galore.. January 9, 2009

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well.. i must admit i am but one of the millions of girls out there who can’t seem to get enough of the shopping fever.. the question is, who doesn’t want shopping anyway? perhaps for guys, the said thing is considered as an obligation — or sometimes just one of our many needs (they go shopping since they have to buy something they need).. girls on the other hand don’t perceive it as if it is simply a task that has to be done (we don’t get tired scouring various shops for hours and hours in the lookout for great finds).. rather, we find it a really pleasant activity to unwind and de-stress.. and of course, a good reason to update our wardrobe and bring nice little new products back home..

with the advent of the computer era, it seems as though everything we ever need are made accessible with the use of the net.. we contact old buddies from old schools, we meet and greet with various kinds of people, we do our research projects, we check out current news — all in the net actually.. and well, what else do we have? of course, we can now do our shopping at home.. yeah, you got it right buddies.. the good thing is, we only have to sit in front of our computer screens (but we are really already hopping from one shop to another) and then we can purchase various quality finds.. just a few days ago, i came across this particular site that luckily offers the shopper practically everything (it’s everything really!) ranging from accessories to clothes to electronics to health and beauty to kitchen appliances to toys — even wedding essentials..

with online shopping, you don’t really need to go through the hassles of travelling to the malls and spending precious hours looking for the things you have to purchase (especially when the site you are visiting can give you every available store featured in the net by crawling like google).. this means that you can actually compare and check products from various stores without having to go there personally.. thus, saving loads of time, effort, and money.. so, so, what do we say to this? let’s shop and shop and shop ’till we drop.. *grins*

on insurance.. January 7, 2009

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remember the old saying “prevention is better than cure — preparedness is better than hope“? well, now that i think about it, it actually makes sense.. consider this: it seems like another regular day — you go to the office for work, you eat lunch, you contact various clients.. until you get home later to find out that your house had burned down to ashes.. what to do next? the thing is, if you had your home insured early on, well, you won’t have to worry too much (you can actually get compensations from the insurance company to help you start again).. on the other hand, if the thought of insurance (or at least the thought of participating in insurance forums) never crossed your mind, then you really have a problem, buddy..

as we all know, insurance protects us against the many dangers to life and property.. if a person has got his life insured, it is assured that his family will get enough money on his death.. in a situation when we never really have the slightest hints as to what could possibly happen to us in the next ticking of the clock, it is naturally a wise decision to set up insurances..

and well, if you still have second thoughts and you feel you must have to know every bit of information regarding the said thing, you might want to check out and join insurance forums online — guaranteed to help you with your every doubt.. and another good thing is that aside from the fact that you learn all about insurance in the discussions, membership is actually free!

so, how good a deal could that be and what have you got to lose? obviously nothing — besides the questions in your mind that have readily been answered..

no more secrets under your shoes — just those happy feet.. January 7, 2009

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being a little too preoccupied with our individual lives, do we even remember to take some time pampering the most abused part of our bodies — the feet? well, a few of us do manage to have foot spa sessions at least once a month (but, but, what do we do with our nails?)..

in case you have not the slightest idea regarding nail problems, guess it’s high time you start checking your toes regularly — if not, you might just end up having the shock attack after finding out that you actually have nail fungus.. fungal infection of the nails (commonly known as onychomycosis) constitutes about a half of all nail abnormalities (a serious case alright).. caused by tiny organisms thriving in wet areas or humid places, the protein protecting our nails will eventually be destroyed leading to the spread of the bacteria..

tsk tsk.. having nail fungus is really one heck of a problem — don’t tell me you will forever hide your feet inside your shoes just to prevent others from seeing your unsightly nails? and how in the world can you slip your feet on those cool summer slippers or those classy open-toed pumps?

but hey, if you happen to be among those with the nail problem secret, there’s no more reason now to fret (you can actually say goodbye to those bad nail fungi in just a short matter of time).. with advances in the field of medicine, nail fungus treatments come in a whole range of packages but perhaps the most important questions would be, how effective are they? and how fast can they eliminate the foot problem?

luckily, there is one site in the net for quality (and i mean quality) nail and toe fungus treatments.. aside from the fact that you can easily purchase the featured products, the said site tackles all the information you need to know regarding onychomycosis — from the causes to the symptoms to the proper treatment.. yey! now, we can kick off the start of the year dancing and tapping with our officially happy feet.. do check out the site buddies (it’s very helpful)..

the wild swans at coole 2 November 19, 2008

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(my cebuano translation)

anaa sa tingdagdag nga katahum ang mga kahoy,

uga ang mga dalan sa kalasangan,

ang tubig, sa kilom-kilom sa Oktubre,

ang gapundo’ng langit ang gisaminan;

sa gaawas-awas nga tubig dapit sa mga bato

siyam ug singkwenta ka gansa ang anaa didto.

ang ika-disenuybe’ng tingdagdag miabot na usab kanako

sukad sa pagsugod ko’g ihap sa una;

nalantawan nako, bag-o pa man galing ko mahuman,

sila tanan, kalit nga milupad na

ug misabwag sa kuyaw’ng mga singsing nga nabugto

sa ibabaw sa ilang pagkasaba nga mga pako.

gitan-aw na nako sila’ng mga masilakong binuhat,

ug akong kasingkasing hapdos na karon.

nausab na man tanan, sukad kaniadtong sa kilom-kilom, ako namati

sa pinaka-unang higayon diri sa may baybayon,

ang bagting sa kampana’ng gikan sa gakapa-kapang mga pako,

gipulihan ug mas hinay nga tunob kumpara kaniadto.

wa gihapon gikapoy, hinigugma sa hinigugma,

sa kabugnaw, sila nagbugsay

uban sa sapa o musaka sa hangin;

mga kasingkasing nga wa maniguwang bisag dyutay;

pagpaningkahul o pagsakup, maglaroy-laroy kun asa nila gusto,

alagaran gihapon sila ug utro.

pero karon, galutaw sila sa gapundo’ng tubig,

matahum, kahibulungan;

asa sila magpanday

sa kilid sa unsa’ng linaw man

ang magpalipay sa mga mata sa tawo kun ako mumata

aron masayran nga milupad na sila?

goodbye without me knowing.. November 19, 2008

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why does it have to be this way? you, you — kyohei, yuki, takenaga, ranmaru, and, and, sunako — grrr..

[what great way to start this entry] T_T

okayy, i must admit that it has been such a big blow for me to have missed the somewhat unexpected final episode of yamato nadeshiko shichi henge.. [TV 5, you could have at least warned me you know..]

or maybe the next episodes are still in the making? [those who read the manga version, answer me!]

so perhaps you’re wondering why i’m into this drama mode over a mere anime [at least, for those who do not have the slightest idea on what the said show is all about], just read on:

yamato nadeshiko revolves around sunako nakahara [a somewhat, no, i mean totally weird girl whose main interests consist of: horror and bloody movies, scary and disturbing works of art, haunted villas, human anatomy models, skeletons, and unidentified objects in transparent glasses] and the 4 drop-dead gorgeous boys [kyohei, yuki, takenaga, and ranmaru] who are faced with the rather difficult task of turning the hopeless sunako into an elegant young lady in exchange of their staying in a grand mansion for free.. from there on, the frigging funny events unfold..

so.. so.. aaargh!!!

tonight i can write the saddest lines.. November 18, 2008

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(pablo neruda)

tonight i can write the saddest lines

write, for example, ‘the night is starry

and the stars are blue and shiver in the distance.’

the night wind revolves in the sky and sings.

tonight i can write the saddest lines.

i loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.

through nights like this one i held her in my arms.

i kissed her again and again under the endless sky.

she loved me, sometimes i loved her too.

how could one not have loved her great still eyes.

tonight i can write the saddest lines.

to think that i do not have her. to feel that i have lost her.

to hear the immense night, still more immense without her.

and the verse falls to the soul like dew to the pasture.

what does it matter that my love could not keep her.

the night is starry and she is not with me.

this is all. in the distance, someone is singing. in the distance.

my soul is not satisfied that it has lost her.

my sight tries to find her as though to bring her closer.

my heart looks for her, and she is not with me.

the same night, whitening the same trees.

we, of that time, are no longer the same.

i no longer love her, that’s certain, but how i loved her.

my voice tried to find the wind to touch her hearing.

another’s. she will be another’s. as she was before my kisses.

her voice. her bright body. her infinite eyes.

i no longer love her, that’s certain, but maybe i love her.

love is so short, forgetting is so long.

because through nights like this one i held her in my arms.

my soul is not satisfied that it has lost her.

though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer.

and these the last verses that i write for her.

[the 1st time i stumbled upon this particular work by neruda, i could swear that my heart broke and i really wanted to shed buckets of tears so badly — not that i can relate though.. but awww, the said piece is probably one of the saddest love poems ever written in the history of history.. T_T]

PS: readthisreadthisreadthis..

lord high banana of the dense and the existential milkmaid from nowhere November 17, 2008

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(plus 40 other cool stuff i learned from jessica zafra’s 1st edition of TWISTED):

mook wussy cretin frigging sleazoid weenie

dumbo godawful swinish harrumph scummy

snazzy muck bludgeon wimp crud whatnot

potty-mouth prudishness tart gofer kibitzer

decrepit rancid shenanigans stupendous

blimp dork kaput dummy klutz boinking

schmoozing flogging pestilential hirsute

crapola freakazoid grungy drivelling

note: i am still on the brink of finding out the meanings of the said words but judging from the way they are employed in sentences, 99.9 percent of them seems to have positive connotations (that is, if you have a sense of irony).. wahaha.. but one thing’s for sure though, jessica zafra is one cool — uhm, how shall i put this? one cool frigging witty writer..