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detoxify for a healthy lifestyle.. January 21, 2009

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with a huge share of our daily diet involving foods loaded with lots and lots of preservatives (because most of us are too preoccupied to scour the market for fresh produce and cook healthy meals) and with all the toxic fumes and noxious gases we inhale everyday in substitute of fresh air (because this is pollution era, buddies), it is really a good thing to know that despite the modern lifestyle, a lot of us are slowly realizing the significance of leading healthy lives.. why, with all disadvantages (plus all the expenses) of getting sick, it is only proper to be health conscious..

just the other day, i have heard some of my buddies (they are health enthusiasts, mind you) intently discussing something about colon cleanse — they say the particular health routine is really beneficial in curing a number of ailments (for instance acne, chronic constipation, and other digestive tract problems).. so with all the positive feedbacks i have heard, i got a little bit too curious so i eventually decided to google a site that talks about colon cleanse.. (i myself have been trying to deal with fatigue recently — i’m too sure i get enough sleep each night but i still feel too tired.. i’m not so sure what’s up with my body — i do hope it’s not bad..)

after a few minutes of browsing the net, i came across a certain site with various information on colon cleanse — they provide you with the tried and tested benefits of colon cleansers made from natural herbs and ingredients (to guarantee a side-effect free use) plus, they have colon cleanse reviews tackling about every little thing you need to know about the said health routine (complete with the history of the said health alternative).. from my readings on the various information posted on the site, i actually found out that the said detoxification method is a really safe way to clean your colon, thus, protecting you from acquiring different kinds of ailments that, if not prevented immediately, may result to major complications later on..

well, buddies, guess it’s high time that we lead a healthy and worry-free lifestyle.. ^^

up for some movie madness ramblings.. January 12, 2009

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(really looking forward to watching this particular movies)..

  1. the curious case of benjamin button

released in the states last december 25th — i’m still not quite sure if the film is already being shown in cinemas here in davao (foreign movies are aired somewhat really late here as you may well see), “the curious case of benjamin button” is an adaptation of the 1921 short story of the same name, written by f. scott fitzgerald (author of the ever famous “the great gatsby“)..

it follows the story of a man (benjamin button) born under very unusual circumstances — a baby boy with the physical appearance and limitations of an 86-year-old man (he lives life in reverse, becoming younger with each passing year until he achieves real infancy by the time he dies)..

2. confessions of a shopaholic

incidentally, the second film (i’m practically excited to get my eyes on this one) is also based on a literary piece — sophie kinsella’s novel about 25-year-old rebecca bloomwood who can’t seem to get enough of her shopping addiction.. and how she tries (and oftentimes fail) to fix things and make ends meet — credit card bills piling up, hunting for part-time jobs, cutting up her normal expenditures (which of course doesn’t work on a shopaholic) and falling in love.. i have read the book already but then, well, i would just love to take a look at rebecca’s fashion statement.. plus the various boutiques exclusive for the elite individuals that she shops at.. wahaha..

on insurance.. January 7, 2009

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remember the old saying “prevention is better than cure — preparedness is better than hope“? well, now that i think about it, it actually makes sense.. consider this: it seems like another regular day — you go to the office for work, you eat lunch, you contact various clients.. until you get home later to find out that your house had burned down to ashes.. what to do next? the thing is, if you had your home insured early on, well, you won’t have to worry too much (you can actually get compensations from the insurance company to help you start again).. on the other hand, if the thought of insurance (or at least the thought of participating in insurance forums) never crossed your mind, then you really have a problem, buddy..

as we all know, insurance protects us against the many dangers to life and property.. if a person has got his life insured, it is assured that his family will get enough money on his death.. in a situation when we never really have the slightest hints as to what could possibly happen to us in the next ticking of the clock, it is naturally a wise decision to set up insurances..

and well, if you still have second thoughts and you feel you must have to know every bit of information regarding the said thing, you might want to check out and join insurance forums online — guaranteed to help you with your every doubt.. and another good thing is that aside from the fact that you learn all about insurance in the discussions, membership is actually free!

so, how good a deal could that be and what have you got to lose? obviously nothing — besides the questions in your mind that have readily been answered..

in the game of the name.. December 18, 2008

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words — well, sometimes you can’t really be too serious with them..

just to have some little thoughts to ponder upon (and maybe to give a few laughs in between), i have managed to collect some really interesting phrases — from business establishments trying out rather unique and even quirky names to stand out in the crowd up to the trying hard manufacturers imitating the names of well-known brands.. guess it’s time to examine the etymology of names..

  1. harry cutter — name of a certain barber shop along matina crossing (from harry potter)
  2. mary d’ potter — local comedy sitcom with hints of magic and fantasy (from harry potter also)
  3. lord of the wings — really creative name for a chicken stand (lord of the rings, obviously)
  4. lord of pranings — print on a shirt.. roughly translated in english, “pranings” means “paranoid”.. thus, lord of paranoids.. (lord of the rings again)
  5. hayaianas, havananas, and hawaianas — cheap imitations of the famous flip flop brand, havaianas..
  6. odidos — name of a backpack (pathetic copy of the trademark “adidas”)
  7. abibas — baby sneakers (another pathetic copy of “adidas”)
  8. ipood — shirt print, complete with the silhouette of a lady sitting on a toilet bowl (from ipod)
  9. banana cue — another cheap imitation of the flip flop brand, banana peel.. “banana cue” is a snack treat of deep-fried bananas glazed with sugar..
  10. jfc — a chicken house (sounds like the fastfood chain “kfc”)
  11. kini rogers — also a chicken house (localized “kenny roger’s roasters”)
  12. samsong — a somewhat funny imitation of the cellphone samsung omnia..
  13. chikadora the exploiter — a segment on a local late night sitcom (from dora the explorer)
  14. spanish bob — another segment from the said comedy sitcom (spongebob)
  15. pake mo — print on a shirt.. “in english, none of your business”.. (made to have the trademark font of pokemon)
  16. martyr nyebera — a song by kamikazee.. (from local singer martin nievera of course..

and, uh, you got that right — the title was supposed to be the other way around.. like, “in the name of the game”..


christmas wishlist part 2.. December 16, 2008

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(the type of food i actually hope to see on our table on christmas eve)..

  1. the ever important ham — topped with raisins and pineapple
  2. hotdog barbecues
  3. a dish of sweet and sour fish or deep-fried tilapia
  4. buttered chicken with matching homemade gravy (yummy)
  5. fruit cake of course — would also love to try the french christmas log cake
  6. spaghetti with lots and lots of cheese, hotdogs, and ground meat
  7. baked macaroni
  8. afritada
  9. chicken soup (tinolang manok, para simple)
  10. pancit for long life.. wakoko..
  11. lumpia (shanghai rolls para sa mga sosyal)
  12. loads and loads of junk foods and chips to munch on while watching TV


i just dunno if we’ll have lots of food on the 24th though — my mother has not even received her christmas bonus yet..


after kyohei, comes prince lelouch.. November 21, 2008

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after the unexpected end of yamato nadeshiko shichi henge (which, for some time now, put me into depression mode), i was somehow delighted to find out that there’s this another cool anime series on TV 5 entitled “code geass: lelouch of the rebellion”.. yey!

here’s the gist buddies (spoiler alert):

on august 10, 2010, a.t.b. (the imperial calendar, roughly 1955 AD), the holy empire of britannia overpowered japanese forces and conquered the country with their new robotic weapons, the “knightmare frames” (somewhat funny), in less than a month. in the aftermath of britannia’s invasion, japan lost its freedom, its rights, and even its name, becoming area 11 of the britannian empire. the japanese people, renamed as “elevens”, are forced to survive in poor neighborhoods, while britannians live in first-class settlements. rebel elements persist, however, as pockets of japanese organizations struggle against the empire for the independence of japan.

after his father, the emperor of britannia, failed to prevent the assassination of his mother, an attack which also left his sister blind and crippled, the young prince lelouch (pronounced as “lelush”) vowed to destroy britannia. seven years later, he accidentally becomes mixed up with “terrorists” in area 11 and encounters a mysterious girl named CC, who gives him the power of geass. with it, he finally has the power that he needs to defeat britannia and fulfill his two wishes: to seek revenge for his mother and to construct a world in which his beloved sister nunnally can live happily.

i’m just looking forward to the upcoming episodes.. ah, anime love..

PS: by the way, the said series airs on weekdays, 730 pm.. watchitwatchitwatchit.. wakoko..

my 12 days of christmas wishlist.. November 20, 2008

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(yeah.. i know, i know.. it’s still 35 days before december 25th.. but, but..)

here’s my list anyway:

  1. a new mobile phone (preferably samsung omnia or nokia n70)
  2. feet treats (a pair of havaianas flip flops and hi-cut black converse sneakers)
  3. chic shades
  4. 12-month subscription of “seventeen” or “candy” mags
  5. books, books, books (“twilight” series by stephenie meyer or any nicholas sparks or stephen king novel)
  6. a day at the carnival (wakoko.. spell fun, fun, fun)
  7. basic tools for accesory making (so i could come up with my own line of earrings and trinkets)
  8. 5000 pesos for wardrobe updating..
  9. sporty watch with gray straps
  10. a night of strolling the downtown area (or shopping ’till midnight..)
  11. free trip to macahambus nature park in cagayan
  12. peace (for you and for me and the entire human race)

[dotA] November 17, 2008

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up to this point (while writing this entry), i still can’t exactly figure out what keeps guys totally obsessed with the said computer game.. well, i mean, just because they get some kind of unidentified rush while battling with other players, they are more than willing to shell out those precious bucks down the drain.. i really don’t know but is dotA worth it all? imagine spending what would have been alloted for daily expenses in the net cafe for long hours of staring endlessly at the flickering monitors (talk about zombie mode, plus, beware of eye ailments that might nag you later) — aside from putting all that cash for unnecessary needs, chances are, schoolboys often result to neglecting their academics (which is at the 1st place, the very reason why your parents sent you to study)..

nyahaha (evil laugh).. am i boring you into a somewhat endless litany over that dotA thing? well, okayy, i guess i’ll just have to stop.. and oh, by the way, the reason why i’m typing this post — bubu (21-year-old bubu) is preoccupied with downloading what he terms as the “latest dotA maps AI plus +”.. and he just doesn’t seem to stop.. T_T

rainy day blues in school… November 21, 2007

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… uh oh… it’s raining cats and dogs outside — well, it’s not surprising though considering the fact that the weather had not been very good lately… so, mr. sunshine’s out… that’s why i’m close to having a frostbite here… yeah… the aircon’s very near me and well, am i exaggerating if i say that i’m shivering to death?

… ugh… rainy days… well, i sort of loathe this kind of weather (i think all students here do) since well, transportation is just so hard — and very much dangerous too… okay… am i pouring all my sentiments on this page? maybe yes… well, i’m not a rich kid so i have to ride an HH to and from school… and duh, you know it — if you’re studying here… the roads are so damn slippery that moving just a little bit while riding the HH can result to some serious trouble… and well, i’ve experienced riding the said vehicle in the middle of a heavy downpour and i ended up going to class as if i just took a bath with clothes on and then forgot to remove them… yeah… that’s the trouble here in UP…

… 2nd… if there’s rain, then there’s mud — lots of filthy mud… i was hiking to HKC yesterday afternoon just after the rain for my soccer, er, football class… trivia: the term soccer is used only in the US… or is it the opposite? well, back to the point — if there’s any… i can just be considered lucky since i was wearing jelly sandals and not some kind of chucks, ballet flats or worse, high heels… yeah… why? it’s really muddy and me and my classmates have to walk in the water… it’s cleaner though compared to floods in the downtown area… but then, again, it’s mud and it can still make you sigh and say, “hai… ba’t ba ganito ang UP? buti pa ang ADDU…” nyahaha…

… and what more? well, if you’re on your way to mintal and it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s not surprising that the river will overflow… so it’s either you take the risk of soaking wet or you choose to get stranded… but if you’re just super lucky, you can ride the jeep or multicab (which are always full) and be dry and comfy…

… and then, hmm… i absolutely hate the rain when we’re in the middle of the discussion since well, i always want to go to dreamland… i think everybody else does… isn’t it nice to get some zzz’s during this kind of weather? so that’s it… if i’m in school (or anywhere outside the house), i abhor the rain… but then, if i’m at home, well… i just so love it… you know why… i’m a sleepyhead…