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on remittance — and sending money and packages without the worries May 18, 2010

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imagine this: you are working abroad (as a nurse, or an engineer doing projects in the middle east).. after months of working, you finally get your well-deserved earnings — which is quite big compared to the basic salary rate in your country.. you decide to send half of the amount to your family back home — your younger brother needs the money for his tuition fees, you plan to have the house renovated as soon as possible.. how do you do it? this is where the remittance industry comes in..

our neighbor is currently a caregiver in California and since the previous year that he has been there, he attests that the said kind of business proves to be a big help for the shipment of balikbayan boxes and packages to the Philippines.. by paying only affordable rates, trusted companies can give him the assurance that whatever he intends to send will arrive at its destination — his family.. (this is a good thing, if you might be wondering, since there have been many cases of lost packages, or receivers getting deliveries with incomplete items — they have been stolen).. hence, for most OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), this could be something you really need to consider..

to take the subject a notch higher, i have discovered a website that not only takes care of shipping delivery boxes but also handles money remittance as well.. aside from sending clothes and imported grocery items back home, one can also send cash — plus, there is no room for worry since the amounts you remit can be claimed by your family to reputable banks in the country such as Metro Bank, Banco De Oro (BDO), Philippine National Bank and RCBC.. rest assured, the money you have been saving for will reach the receivers immediately (and without fear of any lost amounts).. the other good thing about the site i came across is that they provide a very comprehensive list of what they can offer — from products and services to branch locations to online remittance.. you can check each one of them right at the convenience of your own apartment!

well, the benefits of information technology combined with a reliable company, i would say.. i better email my neighbor in a short while (to give him the website address).. you too, tell your relatives working abroad about the great news..



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