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the best way to shed off excess pounds.. March 16, 2009

Posted by raincrystal in general info, health.

admit it — we (especially the girls) are really conscious about our bodies that oftentimes we end up ignoring that plateful of creamy black forest cake or that big, big box of milk chocolates in the fridge and spend crucial weeks on a diet of fruits and veggies.. [gulp].. luckily for me (although i do think that it’s not actually such a good thing), i DO NOT get fat.. yeah, you got that right.. i am a real foodie at heart and well, i just eat lots and lots (and lots) of food — my mantra, gobble gobble munch munch.. but no matter how much carbohydrate intake i have, i always manage to remain thin — not really reed thin but hmm, thin enough to make people think that i am malnourished or anorexic.. blame it on genetics and heredity..

but the positive side of the coin is well, i can eat anything i want (junk foods, rice, cookies, pizza, barbecue and all) without actually having to worry about how to shed the excess pounds.. but i can symphatize with buddies out there who due to their weight, have lost their confidence — they feel that they won’t ever have the chance of slipping their bodies into those sexy, slinky two-piece swimsuits (and summer is coming fast) or that their crushes will never throw them the second glances that they so deserve — or worse, and the most stressing thing: they will be more prone to severe disorders with their being fat (or obese, at that)..

thankfully, science has paved the way in helping people shed weight (and fast) by coming up with diet pills that work well in eliminating accumulated fats.. a close friend of mine has discovered a brand of diet pills that really keep up to their promises — well, he is not that fat but then, he has been bothered with the way he looks with his body.. so there, he cut his rice intake into a cup per meal and bought fruit juices containing L-carnitine which is also a slimming agent but after a few weeks, he gave up.. he simply can’t do all the hard work necessary in losing several pounds.. luckily, while surfing the net, he came across a really helpful site featuring top diet pills which are proven effective and free from side effects since they are made from natural herbs (you not only look sexy, you look healthy too) — plus, they also have diet pills reviews to guide the customers..

so when time comes when i finally acquire a lot of weight, i already know where to go..


detoxify for a healthy lifestyle.. January 21, 2009

Posted by raincrystal in health, stuff.

with a huge share of our daily diet involving foods loaded with lots and lots of preservatives (because most of us are too preoccupied to scour the market for fresh produce and cook healthy meals) and with all the toxic fumes and noxious gases we inhale everyday in substitute of fresh air (because this is pollution era, buddies), it is really a good thing to know that despite the modern lifestyle, a lot of us are slowly realizing the significance of leading healthy lives.. why, with all disadvantages (plus all the expenses) of getting sick, it is only proper to be health conscious..

just the other day, i have heard some of my buddies (they are health enthusiasts, mind you) intently discussing something about colon cleanse — they say the particular health routine is really beneficial in curing a number of ailments (for instance acne, chronic constipation, and other digestive tract problems).. so with all the positive feedbacks i have heard, i got a little bit too curious so i eventually decided to google a site that talks about colon cleanse.. (i myself have been trying to deal with fatigue recently — i’m too sure i get enough sleep each night but i still feel too tired.. i’m not so sure what’s up with my body — i do hope it’s not bad..)

after a few minutes of browsing the net, i came across a certain site with various information on colon cleanse — they provide you with the tried and tested benefits of colon cleansers made from natural herbs and ingredients (to guarantee a side-effect free use) plus, they have colon cleanse reviews tackling about every little thing you need to know about the said health routine (complete with the history of the said health alternative).. from my readings on the various information posted on the site, i actually found out that the said detoxification method is a really safe way to clean your colon, thus, protecting you from acquiring different kinds of ailments that, if not prevented immediately, may result to major complications later on..

well, buddies, guess it’s high time that we lead a healthy and worry-free lifestyle.. ^^