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in the game of the name.. December 18, 2008

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words — well, sometimes you can’t really be too serious with them..

just to have some little thoughts to ponder upon (and maybe to give a few laughs in between), i have managed to collect some really interesting phrases — from business establishments trying out rather unique and even quirky names to stand out in the crowd up to the trying hard manufacturers imitating the names of well-known brands.. guess it’s time to examine the etymology of names..

  1. harry cutter — name of a certain barber shop along matina crossing (from harry potter)
  2. mary d’ potter — local comedy sitcom with hints of magic and fantasy (from harry potter also)
  3. lord of the wings — really creative name for a chicken stand (lord of the rings, obviously)
  4. lord of pranings — print on a shirt.. roughly translated in english, “pranings” means “paranoid”.. thus, lord of paranoids.. (lord of the rings again)
  5. hayaianas, havananas, and hawaianas — cheap imitations of the famous flip flop brand, havaianas..
  6. odidos — name of a backpack (pathetic copy of the trademark “adidas”)
  7. abibas — baby sneakers (another pathetic copy of “adidas”)
  8. ipood — shirt print, complete with the silhouette of a lady sitting on a toilet bowl (from ipod)
  9. banana cue — another cheap imitation of the flip flop brand, banana peel.. “banana cue” is a snack treat of deep-fried bananas glazed with sugar..
  10. jfc — a chicken house (sounds like the fastfood chain “kfc”)
  11. kini rogers — also a chicken house (localized “kenny roger’s roasters”)
  12. samsong — a somewhat funny imitation of the cellphone samsung omnia..
  13. chikadora the exploiter — a segment on a local late night sitcom (from dora the explorer)
  14. spanish bob — another segment from the said comedy sitcom (spongebob)
  15. pake mo — print on a shirt.. “in english, none of your business”.. (made to have the trademark font of pokemon)
  16. martyr nyebera — a song by kamikazee.. (from local singer martin nievera of course..

and, uh, you got that right — the title was supposed to be the other way around.. like, “in the name of the game”..


christmas wishlist part 2.. December 16, 2008

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(the type of food i actually hope to see on our table on christmas eve)..

  1. the ever important ham — topped with raisins and pineapple
  2. hotdog barbecues
  3. a dish of sweet and sour fish or deep-fried tilapia
  4. buttered chicken with matching homemade gravy (yummy)
  5. fruit cake of course — would also love to try the french christmas log cake
  6. spaghetti with lots and lots of cheese, hotdogs, and ground meat
  7. baked macaroni
  8. afritada
  9. chicken soup (tinolang manok, para simple)
  10. pancit for long life.. wakoko..
  11. lumpia (shanghai rolls para sa mga sosyal)
  12. loads and loads of junk foods and chips to munch on while watching TV


i just dunno if we’ll have lots of food on the 24th though — my mother has not even received her christmas bonus yet..


twilight is the new cool.. December 16, 2008

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the movie is superb — what about the book?

i actually had second thoughts on watching the movie version of “twilight” by stephenie meyer without reading the book first.. as there are lots of film adaptations on highly acclaimed novels which unfortunately fail to do justice to their literary counterparts, i have long made up my mind to simply stick to the original texts to get my own dose of satisfying entertainment fix.. but since it seemed that i had a hopeless case of getting my hands on the much talked about novel, i was compelled to just watch “twilight” before the said movie stops airing on the cinemas..

thank goodness, the film version proved to be really superb — there are even talks that it is the highest-grossing box office hit since “titanic”.. unlike the production of “a walk to remember” by nicholas sparks which appeared to be lousy, lousy, and lousy (very much far from the novel version in terms of quality), “twilight” is just great (great, and great).. i mean, from the cast to the script to the setting — the movie deserves an almost perfect rating.. well, i must commend the production crew for such an awesome depiction of the place — a lot of trees, lush forests, the dreary atmosphere (just perfect for vampires, werewolves, and mayhem).. the instant i saw forks on the big screen, i automatically knew that the staff did a really good job down to the most minute details.. now, let’s not get into the story itself for i may rant endlessly and not stop typing this post..

as for the book, touted as the best fiction series since the release of “harry potter”, i still have to check if stephenie meyer was able to sustain a seemingly simple plot in a thick number of pages (even coming up with four books at that!) and whether or not she has indeed equaled j. k. rowling in terms of mastery and style..

UPcat the movie.. December 16, 2008

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yeah.. this is probably way too late but here is something for you — isko and iska.. a coming-of-age film inspired by what else but the UP college admission test.. entitled UPcat the movie, the said indie film has already been shown at the cine adarna theater of the UP film center in diliman last Nov. 20.. hopefully, they will also air it in UP mindanao..


music junkie cravings.. December 15, 2008

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recently, i was finally able to get my hands on my very own mp4 (at long last).. well, it was actually a present from my boyfriend bubu — he wanted to buy one for himself, and eventually decided to buy one for me too (yey yey!).. the purchase included 100 free songs to be downloaded in our music players but since the gadgets can store up to 300 songs, bubu couldn’t seem to get enough..

being a certified music lover of some sort (yeah, bubu is one music junkie), i agreed to help him look for sites in the net where one can actually purchase audio files.. lucky enough, there is indeed a site made exclusively for music lovers around the globe (bubu is now another constant visitor, checking new rap and hiphop beats).. and since these days, he is somewhat tired of all the mainstream songs playing over and over in the radio stations, he has made it a point to find a range of beats (instrumental beats to be exact) to occupy the song slots in his mp4.. not only can he experience an enjoyable music fare, he can also use those instrumental beats to help him develop what could be his own song composition in the near future..

to all music junkies out there, you now have something you could always look forward to the next time you surf the net — make sure you do try some of their package deals.. ^-^

the birth of a food explorer.. December 9, 2008

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probably one of the most common denominators i share with my boyfriend is the fact that we are both certified food monsters (gobble gobble gobble).. thus, we have decided to come up with a team (exclusively composed of bubu and myself) — the food explorers.. the main goal of this partnership is of course to continuously scour the whole of davao city in search for yummy dishes and the best quality places to dine in.. and well, what is a name if there is no logo? so we have also taken care of that (and with a little help from an automobile company, that is).. so food explorers, here we go go go.. (gobble gobble gobble)..

(whirl)windstruck.. December 5, 2008

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during certain instances, i refuse to think how years and years before (when i was still in that extreme naive phase called childhood, that is) i would perceive life as if it was simply a merry whirl of activities in which every ticking second would be as easy and enjoyable as ever..

but, now that i think about it, life is really more of an unpredictable whirlwind where at times you would just wander aimlessly with absolutely no direction — and often, just when you set your mind on something you wanted to achieve, (boom!) the whirlwind blows into an entirely opposite path..

i am as hapless now as a leaf carried by the violent winds..


2012: doomsday=end of the world=end of the human race December 3, 2008

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just recently, i came across these videos tackling about the so-called end of the world believed to take place on december 21, 2012 (which actually stemmed from the prophecies spoken about by the mayan civilization).. better watch these, buddies:

1 of 6

2 of 6

3 of 6

4 of 6

5 of 6

6 of 6

no one knows for sure if the mayan predictions would indeed happen but clearly, the prophecies made by the ancient civilization is making a big fuss nowadays since 2012 is just a few years away.. but then again, we can never tell — only GOD knows.. perhaps, the signal of the end of human race is parallel to what is in the Holy Bible (see book of Revelations) regarding the second coming of Christ..

trippin’ over troublesome terrible tuesday.. December 3, 2008

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gah.. there are really some days when everything just doesn’t seem to get right (even if that little four leaf clover is tucked safely in your pocket).. take yesterday for instance — well, what can i say? perhaps it would be more apt if i call it a troublesome terrible tuesday.. ugh.. need some sort of a proof? scroll down..

  1. woke up at around 630 am and still i had not received any “gumurnen (good morning)” text from b— (we had a petty misunderstanding the night before actually)..
  2. in the course of ironing the clothes i would be wearing for the day, i accidentally pressed my finger on the flat iron (set to level 6, mind you) for 1 second, or maybe 2.. what could i say? poor little thumby..
  3. fastforward to 945 am when i was on my way to school — and the jeepney ride was anything EXCEPT nice (there were only 2 passengers aside from me and that would have been a good thing since i was able to avoid being packed inside a moving vehicle like a human sardine but, but, ugh — the jeepney was too stinky..) it actually seemed like it was loaded with lots and lots of fish and the smell just made me somewhat nauseated.. i was close to throwing up.. i do smell like a human sardine without the can!
  4. so after that stinky ride, i hailed a motorcycle for UP and taran-taran-taran, guess what? upon arriving at the university, i spotted my creative writing buddies huddled together at the atrium and quickly joined them.. somehow, i regretted it a bit since, arrrgh! a classmate dropped a comment as to why it smelled somewhat fishy (literally!).. nah, i’m fishy.. (embarassing. though i’m not sure if they had an idea that it was me..)
  5. next, philippine literature 2 subject, and i forgot to bring my own copy of the poems to be tackled in class — i swear i’m almost too sure i did stash the photocopies in my bag.. oh well..
  6. texted b– that he should get ready for his peace offering when we meet later in the afternoon (that was a bratty move alright).. what i really had in mind was that he would just pick up a little flower along the way (hihi) or maybe give me a chocolate bar but, *sigh*.. i liked his gift though and i would have to admit that it was just so sweet of him but, well, i didn’t want to accept the said peace offering since he spent bucks for it.. i just felt guilty..
  7. later that night: i was in the middle of watching TV when my grandma went to the sala — wearing b—‘s yellow sleeveless shirt (which he gave me as a keepsake).. instantly, i flared up.. if you want an understatement, my grandma and i are not in very good terms with each other (however, if you want me to be a lot specific, my grandma and i are NEVER in good terms with each other).. i don’t know what’s gotten into her but one thing is for sure: she got the said shirt from my bed and wore it like it was hers.. i told her to use her own clothes (she has 2 cabinets full of them) and remove my shirt but she just wouldn’t.. arrrgh..
  8. i cried while “i love betty la fea” was aired on TV..
  9. for the very 1st time since the start of my stay in my aunts’ house (which began on 2006), my tita scolded me — SO SO SO BADLY.. she never said harsh things to me before.. (i’m not in the mood for details now, sorry)..
  10. “when will this tuesday end?”

see? see? i told you that yesterday was a troublesome terrible tuesday.. here is b—‘s own troublesome terrible tuesday experience:

after having eaten dinner, we decided to depart early (around 715) since it was beginning to drizzle.. originally, b—‘s jeepney rides home would take him roughly an hour and a half (nearly 2 hours if traffic is bad).. i expected him to be home by 830.. however, this is a troublesome terrible tuesday so would you believe me if i tell you that he got home past 11 pm? well, it rained (rained really hard especially in the downtown areas) and not long after, the main streets were flooded (water’s up to the knee level) so the engine of the jeepney that b— was riding died down (tumirik eh).. and that delayed the journey home.. so many people were stranded in the said area (j. p. laurel avenue was one of the city’s main streets after all) and all of the jeepneys were jampacked.. if he would get out of the jeepney, naturally, his leather shoes (two week old leather shoes) would get drenched in the flood so b— decided that he would wait for a while and see if the driver can fix the engine.. past 9 pm, he got out of the vehicle and just walked along the highway and after which, he hailed a jeepney plying a different route (since it was the only one that was not that full).. he got off near ladislawa (which was still kilometers from home) and walked again.. and walked.. and walked.. until finally, at long last, he was able to get another ride bound for buhangin.. that was a few minutes before 11 pm.. he still had to wake up by 5 am for work..


hopefully, tuesday next week and all the other 3rd days of the weeks to come would be a little more better.. God’s grace.. ^-^