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christmas wishlist part 2.. December 16, 2008

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(the type of food i actually hope to see on our table on christmas eve)..

  1. the ever important ham — topped with raisins and pineapple
  2. hotdog barbecues
  3. a dish of sweet and sour fish or deep-fried tilapia
  4. buttered chicken with matching homemade gravy (yummy)
  5. fruit cake of course — would also love to try the french christmas log cake
  6. spaghetti with lots and lots of cheese, hotdogs, and ground meat
  7. baked macaroni
  8. afritada
  9. chicken soup (tinolang manok, para simple)
  10. pancit for long life.. wakoko..
  11. lumpia (shanghai rolls para sa mga sosyal)
  12. loads and loads of junk foods and chips to munch on while watching TV


i just dunno if we’ll have lots of food on the 24th though — my mother has not even received her christmas bonus yet..


the birth of a food explorer.. December 9, 2008

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probably one of the most common denominators i share with my boyfriend is the fact that we are both certified food monsters (gobble gobble gobble).. thus, we have decided to come up with a team (exclusively composed of bubu and myself) — the food explorers.. the main goal of this partnership is of course to continuously scour the whole of davao city in search for yummy dishes and the best quality places to dine in.. and well, what is a name if there is no logo? so we have also taken care of that (and with a little help from an automobile company, that is).. so food explorers, here we go go go.. (gobble gobble gobble)..