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up for some movie madness ramblings.. January 12, 2009

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(really looking forward to watching this particular movies)..

  1. the curious case of benjamin button

released in the states last december 25th — i’m still not quite sure if the film is already being shown in cinemas here in davao (foreign movies are aired somewhat really late here as you may well see), “the curious case of benjamin button” is an adaptation of the 1921 short story of the same name, written by f. scott fitzgerald (author of the ever famous “the great gatsby“)..

it follows the story of a man (benjamin button) born under very unusual circumstances — a baby boy with the physical appearance and limitations of an 86-year-old man (he lives life in reverse, becoming younger with each passing year until he achieves real infancy by the time he dies)..

2. confessions of a shopaholic

incidentally, the second film (i’m practically excited to get my eyes on this one) is also based on a literary piece — sophie kinsella’s novel about 25-year-old rebecca bloomwood who can’t seem to get enough of her shopping addiction.. and how she tries (and oftentimes fail) to fix things and make ends meet — credit card bills piling up, hunting for part-time jobs, cutting up her normal expenditures (which of course doesn’t work on a shopaholic) and falling in love.. i have read the book already but then, well, i would just love to take a look at rebecca’s fashion statement.. plus the various boutiques exclusive for the elite individuals that she shops at.. wahaha..

twilight is the new cool.. December 16, 2008

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the movie is superb — what about the book?

i actually had second thoughts on watching the movie version of “twilight” by stephenie meyer without reading the book first.. as there are lots of film adaptations on highly acclaimed novels which unfortunately fail to do justice to their literary counterparts, i have long made up my mind to simply stick to the original texts to get my own dose of satisfying entertainment fix.. but since it seemed that i had a hopeless case of getting my hands on the much talked about novel, i was compelled to just watch “twilight” before the said movie stops airing on the cinemas..

thank goodness, the film version proved to be really superb — there are even talks that it is the highest-grossing box office hit since “titanic”.. unlike the production of “a walk to remember” by nicholas sparks which appeared to be lousy, lousy, and lousy (very much far from the novel version in terms of quality), “twilight” is just great (great, and great).. i mean, from the cast to the script to the setting — the movie deserves an almost perfect rating.. well, i must commend the production crew for such an awesome depiction of the place — a lot of trees, lush forests, the dreary atmosphere (just perfect for vampires, werewolves, and mayhem).. the instant i saw forks on the big screen, i automatically knew that the staff did a really good job down to the most minute details.. now, let’s not get into the story itself for i may rant endlessly and not stop typing this post..

as for the book, touted as the best fiction series since the release of “harry potter”, i still have to check if stephenie meyer was able to sustain a seemingly simple plot in a thick number of pages (even coming up with four books at that!) and whether or not she has indeed equaled j. k. rowling in terms of mastery and style..

UPcat the movie.. December 16, 2008

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yeah.. this is probably way too late but here is something for you — isko and iska.. a coming-of-age film inspired by what else but the UP college admission test.. entitled UPcat the movie, the said indie film has already been shown at the cine adarna theater of the UP film center in diliman last Nov. 20.. hopefully, they will also air it in UP mindanao..