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back to blogosphere.. February 27, 2009

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come to think of it, i have not posted any new entries for roughly a month.. gah.. well, i have been super duper preoccupied lately (literally buried with school stuff).. waah..

well, now that i’m back again to the blogging world — uhh, i just hope that in the days to come i’ll be able to write entries regularly again..

*wink wink*

online auto insurance.. February 27, 2009

Posted by raincrystal in general info, reviews.

prevention is better than cure — preparedness is better than hope..

bad news:

one of my buddies got involved in a car accident just the other night — the result: his less-than-a-year-old compact car got badly damaged.. and now, he has a hard time looking for ample means to get his vehicle repaired..

the other bad news: the car was not insured.. tsk tsk.. *sigh*

in my previous blog posts, i have written an entry regarding insurance.. and now, well, let’s just make this full-blown (only this time, i’ll take a step further and talk about car insurance in general).. the benefits of insurance, again, is that it protects us against the many dangers to life and property.. and i tell you, since we are not actually aware of what could possibly happen in the next few hours (who knows, we could get our house burned down to ashes and everything), it is only appropriate that we take into considerations having our properties insured.. that way, in case of accidents, we can get compensations from the insurance company to get us started again..

now, about auto insurance: we may not really know it but this type of insurance is very much beneficial to us considering the fact that with every passing minute, there are thousands of cases of vehicular accidents around the globe.. chances are, if we got ourselves involved in these accidents and we have not insured our cars, then we will have to shoulder all the expenses that has to be paid due to the damage done..

whereas if we decide on insuring our vehicles early on, then we wouldn’t have to worry too much since we can actually get benefits from the auto insurance company — no hassles, really..

that’s the good thing about car insurance — and you know what’s another good thing? well, there is actually a thing as online auto insurance.. really.. i’m not kidding.. you just surf the net, find the site, and well, that’s already it.. you can instantly compare auto insurance rates from a variety of top rated companies without going through the tedious task of visiting individual websites — you can easily find cheap prices for insurance coverage..

well, guys — just a friendly little note.. think of insuring your cars early on for a worry and hassle free lifestyle..