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take 5 little steps.. January 26, 2009

Posted by raincrystal in musings, personal.

kung hei fat choi..


now that the year of the ox has officially started, perhaps it would just be proper to come up with my own list of resolutions.. not that i can actually follow them doggedly all year round (*grins*) but hey, at least i have a few motivations to help me a little in staying at the right track..

so so, here goes:

(maybe i could really do these — at least until february)..


1.) try to be an early bird

(i have always been — in my 19 years of living — running late.. to school, to church, you name it.. poor time management i guess?)

2.) ditch the procrastinator idea

(waah.. can i really help it? i know it’s all wrong to put off ’till tomorrow what i can do today .. but can i help it?)

3.) underachievers are losers

(well, i can manage to live with this.. nyahaha..)

4.) be a little thrifty..

(yeah.. i really need to have a coinbank.. i’m always running out of cash.. poor me..)

5.) never ever be depressed 24/7

(can i actually do this one?)

so that’s about it.. my 5 little steps towards a regret-free 2009.. i’m depressed..




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