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after kyohei, comes prince lelouch.. November 21, 2008

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after the unexpected end of yamato nadeshiko shichi henge (which, for some time now, put me into depression mode), i was somehow delighted to find out that there’s this another cool anime series on TV 5 entitled “code geass: lelouch of the rebellion”.. yey!

here’s the gist buddies (spoiler alert):

on august 10, 2010, a.t.b. (the imperial calendar, roughly 1955 AD), the holy empire of britannia overpowered japanese forces and conquered the country with their new robotic weapons, the “knightmare frames” (somewhat funny), in less than a month. in the aftermath of britannia’s invasion, japan lost its freedom, its rights, and even its name, becoming area 11 of the britannian empire. the japanese people, renamed as “elevens”, are forced to survive in poor neighborhoods, while britannians live in first-class settlements. rebel elements persist, however, as pockets of japanese organizations struggle against the empire for the independence of japan.

after his father, the emperor of britannia, failed to prevent the assassination of his mother, an attack which also left his sister blind and crippled, the young prince lelouch (pronounced as “lelush”) vowed to destroy britannia. seven years later, he accidentally becomes mixed up with “terrorists” in area 11 and encounters a mysterious girl named CC, who gives him the power of geass. with it, he finally has the power that he needs to defeat britannia and fulfill his two wishes: to seek revenge for his mother and to construct a world in which his beloved sister nunnally can live happily.

i’m just looking forward to the upcoming episodes.. ah, anime love..

PS: by the way, the said series airs on weekdays, 730 pm.. watchitwatchitwatchit.. wakoko..

goodbye without me knowing.. November 19, 2008

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why does it have to be this way? you, you — kyohei, yuki, takenaga, ranmaru, and, and, sunako — grrr..

[what great way to start this entry] T_T

okayy, i must admit that it has been such a big blow for me to have missed the somewhat unexpected final episode of yamato nadeshiko shichi henge.. [TV 5, you could have at least warned me you know..]

or maybe the next episodes are still in the making? [those who read the manga version, answer me!]

so perhaps you’re wondering why i’m into this drama mode over a mere anime [at least, for those who do not have the slightest idea on what the said show is all about], just read on:

yamato nadeshiko revolves around sunako nakahara [a somewhat, no, i mean totally weird girl whose main interests consist of: horror and bloody movies, scary and disturbing works of art, haunted villas, human anatomy models, skeletons, and unidentified objects in transparent glasses] and the 4 drop-dead gorgeous boys [kyohei, yuki, takenaga, and ranmaru] who are faced with the rather difficult task of turning the hopeless sunako into an elegant young lady in exchange of their staying in a grand mansion for free.. from there on, the frigging funny events unfold..

so.. so.. aaargh!!!